Jun 21 2016

Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi recently revealed that he’s creating a new studio. It’ll be located in Tokyo and will apparently begin recruiting. Sakaguchi, who already runs Mistwalker, is considering naming the studio “Dawnwalker,” which isn’t nearly as good as calling it “Stache.”

Feb 13 2016

If this song could follow me around everywhere, I’d be okay with it.

Dec 18 2015

Agreed. With the exception of Midgar (the pacing of the plot for this part didn’t allow too much wandering around, we never got to see more of the slums or any part of the upper levels where the wealthier people lived) the game allowed for a lot of exploration, it would actually be a lot easier to program an open Read more

Dec 5 2015

Yakuza 5 arrives on PSN for the PS3 on Tuesday, December 8. The release date, confirmed during the PlayStation Experience keynote today, also comes with news of Yakuza 0 eventually coming to Western PS4 consoles.

Aug 25 2015

Dark Souls 2? You’ve lost your damn mind.

Mar 9 2015

Yeah you could, but that seems like an important part of the game to be skipping. And if you have never played the game before then you would really have no idea whats going on, or in some cases, where to go.