A new toy. 

As I’ve mentioned on Oppositelock before, some times I get to take things from jobs, this time it is a light table. I’ll be getting this set up with my light box for some sweet DLM goodness. For now here is a Mustang and a peak into my messy garage that I’ll be straightening soon.

Its a miracle!!

Out of that 8x4 sheet that’s all that’s left, 87x3 and a couple other scrap pieces and shavings. I’ve been “helping” BIL with installing this door and frame since around August last year. He will come help me with some plumbing work at my rental house soon. I can’t run a main gas line.

Fuck you, Turbo

On these GM 3400 engines the alternator is on top rear of the engine bay. You have to remove the motor mounts to drop the motor enough to get it out. I did it on my BIL van so I wasn’t pulling my hair out this time. I also bought new motor mounts a while back because when I did the serpentine belt the one was oozing.…