“allegedly ‘happily cavorting backstage’ with performers from Crazy Horse’s topless cabaret show.” Read more

My Own Private Idaho deserves a spot on this list, I found it very transformative in the 90s. Read more

I know this is bad and serious but man, when I say I raced down to the comments to see if anyone had noticed this... Read more


If ever there was a time for the person who often posts stills from the Simpsons here, I’d say now was that time. Read more

Fraud: it’s more of a Shelbyville idea. Read more

And yet you’re in the grays, champ.” Read more

I’m sorry....but 2 songs from “In Through the Out Door” in the top 10?
Read more

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. In mine, you are an idiot. Read more

I can’t wait to get that thick meat inside me! Read more

This is Mississippi, they probably cut funding for those services a long time ago.   Read more

We’ll find out during the discovery phase, and we won’t much like what we find.  Read more

“open[ness] with my sexuality and expressing myself.” Read more

“Pressured to eat bananas protruding from the performers’ vaginas” - listen, snowflakes, who among us hasn’t done that at an average work retreat or company picnic? That’s just standard employee bonding stuff, lighten up! Read more

Correct. Jonah Hill and the others did the same thing. Read more

Yeah that’s pretty weak sauce. If that’s the best her lawyer has this could be a bumpy ride. Read more

It’s pretty much the same defense as Lea Michele, Jonah Hill, and Ellen DeGeneres. Read more

I’m suspicious of anyone that pushes the health at any size movement for profit, which is what she does. Read more

“We have worked hard to ensure that everyone feels safe and respected in our workplace.” Read more