May 13

The entire transaction network for bitcoin is intentionally designed to require an absurd amount of electricity and be slow to verify transactions, for security reasons. It’s one of many stupid things about it. The entire thing uses more electricity than the country of Argentina, and the electricity cost per bitcoin Read more

May 9

Research doesn’t imply “cure”. Most research around Asperger’s and autism spectrum disorders are about things like how to better teach neurodiverse kids, how to diagnose it earlier, how it impacts depression and other mental disorders, etc. These thing certainly need to be researched further. It’s beneficial to all of Read more

May 7

I appreciate the fashion choice but the Star-Spangled Subligar would’ve been more on brand I think. They’re truly the top tier shiniest underwear in the game.

Apr 28

I don’t hate the pop changes, they do what they set out to do. The late game isn’t as micromanagement heavy, performance is better and pop growth isn’t quite as much of an end all stat. Read more

Apr 22

I believe the writer’s intent was not to state that cats should simply not be petted, but that petting the cat is a complex negotiation. One does not simply pet a cat: one gingerly presents a lowered open palm, waits for the cat to initiate the Cautious Introductory Sniff, and hopes it follows with the Purr Of Read more

Apr 22

It’s a high bpm chiptune with a lot of fast arpeggios. The song is nothing special or offensive, or involving actual guitar. It’s just sort of there as rhythm and context I guess. Read more

Apr 20

Haven’t baked pies in lotro, but presumably it’s not an activity that demands your full attention. It’s a simple thing you can do while watching tv, listening to podcasts, etc. Doubleagent, the guy who habitually levels to max level in warcraft without choosing a faction by picking flowers in the panda starting zone Read more

Apr 17

Seems reasonable to me. I’d rather live in a world where fuck-ups can redeem themselves than one where they cannot. Even the sort of insignificant fuck-ups who cheat at old, bad FPSes. Read more

Mar 28

Brass is better at conducting heat than plastic so the actual internals should be cooler as a result if the airflow is the same, and it looks like it is. Read more

Feb 12

I’m sure there is a family of hungry investigative journalists and cub reporters who will sleep with full bellies tonight because of his generous purchase. Read more

Jan 15

In addition to being not-a-story, D&D has an issue of being not-a-world. There are multiple settings, and the popular ones are intentionally made to not have a strong narrative focus. They have a smörgåsbord of dozens of monocultural nations, intended to make it possible for players to pick the ones they like and Read more

Dec 22

I’m not an expert but I think football has pretty strict youth rules. Internationally, FIFA does not allow transfers for under-18s except under limited circumstances, and requires that any minor associated with a club academy be registered with FIFA to prevent national transfer shenanigans. The national details vary Read more

Nov 13

Ah yes, the trivial simplicity of a soulborne game with an infinitely farmable healing item like, say: humanities in DS1, lifegems in DS2, divine blessings in DS3 or blood vials in BB. Read more

Oct 13

There was, briefly, Eatsa if you lived in the right parts of the US. I was acomputer engineer working next to the Rincon Center in San Francisco and I’ve been a vegetarian for 20 years so I was pretty much The Target Audience for their little vegetarian automat startup. Ordering my preferred bowl of quinoa from the Read more