Wyette Urp
7/10/20 1:35PM

There are an alarming number of nurses who go into the field just because compared to other choices, it pays them okay, not because they have an inherent desire to care for people. And of those, many just scrape through. There’s no implicit assurance of broad intelligence. I understand that at this time we’re all here Read more

7/10/20 12:53PM

This is very sad. I worked in the medical field...Her being an RN doesn't mean she is immune to getting sucked into conspiracy theories. Being an RN doesn't even mean you're smart or compassionate.

6/01/20 1:32PM

Are we sure it wasn’t just a neighborhood watch comprised of black and brown people? Because I know a few people who would be prone to the mistaking the two.

2/19/20 10:28AM

As someone who went through a violent relationship, the voyeuristic appeal, to me, is this is more along the lines of ‘Celebrities - they’re just like us!’ Sick, sure. But I honestly can relate more to this than some millionaire teenager whining about being famous (Billie Eilish), or Justin Bieber’s disgusting Read more

1/13/20 4:57PM

My grandfather was in the IRA and I hate the UK tabloids for making me sympathize with the royals, but my leftist ass went so far as thinking that even if they’re born into privilege it still comes with a million more strings than the average rich kid has to deal with.

1/13/20 3:59PM

This has absolutely no bearing on my life whatsoever and yet I am also pissed off by all of this. Good for Meghan and Harry, screw the tabloids, and the rest of the royals too for doing fuck-all about any of this. Even William couldn’t be bothered to stand up for his sister-in-law despite Harry defending Kate.

12/18/19 8:30AM

i don’t think it makes a difference. if i’m sensitive about something and professionally say don’t bring it up in a national interview...it’s a massive jerk move to do so. need to promote the film? play a clip without him. it’s not like he’s booking interviews and then no-showing. Read more

12/18/19 12:18AM

Yeah, I’m siding with Driver here. I hate diva behavior, but this is not diva behavior. And honestly, I’m surprised Terry Gross did this. She seems like the kind of person who would be sensitive to another’s pain. Maybe she genuinely thought he would be fine if he just removed his headphones. She doesn’t seem like a Read more

12/17/19 11:42PM

“We don’t really understand why he left,”

12/01/19 6:55PM

It’s time to forgive Charles for his love for a woman his mother wouldn’t let him marry. We all loved Diana, but that relationship they were both forced into was destined to be a failure from the start. The real villain is not Charles, it’s the people who decided that they could impose an arranged royal marriage and Read more

11/27/19 4:01PM

I don’t even want to know, certainly not enough to have “Youtuber cat anus” fuck up my targeted ads for the next 6 months.

11/26/19 7:10PM

Also, isn’t at least one of them (probably both) incredibly racist and misogynistic? PASS.

11/26/19 6:54PM

Why would anyone want to look like these two gumballs? Neither of them look good, certainly not good enough to spend $50+ on a palette to emulate.

11/19/19 12:48PM

The books are unreadable trash. Can attest that Martin is so bad at writing sex that it caused me to genuinely, seriously wonder whether he’d ever even seen a naked human woman, let alone experienced sex of any form. I genuinely do not understand how any of that got published. The power of being a white dude, I guess. 

11/02/19 2:50PM

I wish things would go back to how they were when I spent my evenings (I live in europe) going back and forth between splinter, jezebel and gizmodo, hoping for new content and notifications that someone replied to my post. Instead of how it is now, surprise and mild disbelief that jezebel is still up and most comments Read more

10/29/19 5:39PM

I think the hash stuffed pepper with egg and fritter combo is on the nose. Which still sounds terrible, but right in line with the type of nasty shit Darth Cheeto is known to consume.