wunderwagen wants a longer roof

God bless America. When a 2oo mph sedan isn’t enough, add 10 more. I call this a hell of a family car. Read more

This is new, thought I wasn't grey on Black Flag. Read more

Jimmy Johns is serious about that freaky fast delivery. Read more

Tldr; that blazer looks great, I love Icon, and damn that’s a pretty blue. Read more

High hopes that this does well. I liked the last Cruze well enough, this new one looks to be improving on it significantly. Glad that we’re finally getting American hatchbacks outside Ford. Here’s hoping for an SS/RS variant with real sportingness to compete with the Civic Si and Focus ST, not just some dumb trim Read more

Neither of these are what I would think of as part of the new Cadillac. I get what you’re implying but I think with this whole rejuvenating of Buick that GM is doing, there may be a good chance of seeing one or both of these in some form. Read more

So Buick now has this and the Avenir concept. It must build one because they are really killing it with some gorgeous designs. Read more

Jay Leno seems like that really intelligent, kinda eccentric uncle that you absolutely love to hang out with because he’s so cool and has a denim obsession couple of quirks. Read more

Some kind of old muscle car, such as a Charger or Chevelle. And if two cars would work out, an older pickup truck to go with it. Or combine both and get an El Camino, Ranchero, Or Rampage. Read more

I don’t think that’ll be too hard since they are doing pretty well. This CX-9 will just cinch things, this will just be money in Mazda’s pockets with how much Americans want crossovers if all sizes. I’m hoping I have the choice of a higher powered Mazda6 or MS3 in a couple years when I buy again. Read more

This one really hit me, reminded me why I’m going to college and what my goals are. Read more

This really should be imported in all forms(base model to hot hatch) to the U.S. market. With the success of the Ford hatches and Golfs, I think this could swoop in and nab a decent chunk of the market. Whether it's as a Buick(most likely) or a Chevy(somewhat likely, I think it'd be a success. Read more

I am very pleased to see Mary Barra, Ralph Gilles, and Johann de Nysschen on this list. Especially Ralph, he's awesome. Read more

Got a pending transaction as of 10 minutes ago. Here's hoping it gets honored. Read more

I for one, am very excited. Thank you Jalopnik for being willing to expand. Read more

Thank all the deities, someone said it. I was trying to explain something in this vein to a friend today. The only extra tech I want is a bluetooth capable radio. Read more

Lord March, Kimi, and Mr. block. I’d love to be in that room. Goodwood is definitely something I’d love to see one day. Read more