WRXerFish - WRX-Wing pilot

Came to post, not disappoint. Read more

Same. Subaru Dealers around STL won’t let you test drive WRX/STI cars. Ended up ordering my ‘15. Was worth it. Read more

Not interested, not air cooled. Read more

I just bought two of the subie shirts. Can’t wait to get them. Read more

Car hacking will soon be a thing, just like Y2K was a thing. Adjustments will be made then we will all forget that nothing major happened. Read more

#1 for sure. Chrome is overdone and looks tacky on most modern cars (IMO). Read more

The car is just going to bitch about the competition and then leave after smoking a bunch of pot. Read more

Comes stock with lots of rice...no ty.
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FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read more

Do they make a version with horizontally opposed pistons? Maybe in a boxer layout. Read more

Keep a towel in your car, to dry off your shoes so they do not slip off the pedals. Read more


Ford is waving it's big stick at all other car makers right now. Good for them. Read more

All future track cars, BUY YOURS NOW! Read more

Just like Beggars Canyon back home. Read more