Apr 5 2019

Yup. Chevy Silverado - Made in Mexico & Canada, Nissan Titan - Made in the USA.

Feb 10 2019

If I had enough money that maintenance wasn’t a concern I would take one of these over a WRX every time.

Feb 10 2019

The obvious answer is another WRX. I bought mine when my kids were in middle school. One of the biggest considerations was whether or not the kids would fit in back. 

Feb 10 2019

Civic type r

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Jan 15 2019

Two words: carbon fiber. If you are wearing a helmet all day you want something light. I love my 509 carbon but my brother just got an FXR carbon helmet and it’s even lighter.

Nov 25 2018
Hi kitty!

Hammer usually isn’t much of a lap cat, but this afternoon I passed out while snuggling in front of the TV with my

Nov 18 2018

Congratulations on the new car. I'm sure it will be a blast. I've never driven in a GTI but you and everyone else who has gotten one is making me consider one for my next daily in a few years.