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When Schumacher was dominating it was just too predicatable for too long. Read more

I couldn't handle it. I had my husband give me updates on the race. Lol. In my eyes Sir Lewis won.  Read more

I would like to see him retire in good health and continue to do amazing work off the track. Max’s wheel on his head this past season is reason enough to bow out before the inevitable with this sport.  Read more

True f’n story:

My wife finally got fed up and told me I needed to take the boys (6 and 4) to get their flu shots next time.

That time came around and before we left, I had the whole “time to man-up” motivational speech going. They were practically barking before we left. Easy day I thought.

We have to sit in the waiting Read more

Please add Dr. to Betty Shabazz’s name. She earned that...just as Dr. King did.
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No “e. All of the Above.” ?

I’m was not defending anything, but Bellsy’s comment is good explanation of my point so there is really no reason for me to go further.
As for caring? We cared enough to post a comment, and as far as I’m concerned, this is as much as I care about Nick Cannon Read more

Yes, but Nick Cannon is not from one of those countries.
Also polygamy in those countries come with a set of responsabilities that are not just ‘having children
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I’m convinced that one of the Blue Origin engineers put the dick ship in an internal presentation as a joke and Bezos noticed it while touring the offices one day and thought it looked cool, then nobody had the nerve to tell him it wasn’t a real design so they had to just go with it.
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They’ve been finding evidence of CTE in people who only played high school football. While a career that includes college and pro bowl will obviously increase the incidence of CTE, kids with still developing brains are falling victim to permanent brain injury. Read more

I was watching and poor Rashford my god, beautiful feint, sends the goalie the up the other end, beautiful kick it just barely deflects the wrong way, and like I pretty much died watching it, I can only imagine how he felt. Read more

The moment Rashford missed, I already knew what he’d be in for. Read more

Agreed, me and the missus let out a collective groan when he didn’t score, we already knew the shite that would be said. I’ve already placed a order for a kit to show support.  Read more

Fully agree. I hope he’s able to rebound and have a great career for Arsenal (until he inevitably gets sold to Man City) and England. Read more

Fellow Arsenal supporter here. Read more

Dave Grohl is from the DMV and pays homage and due respect to all Black artistry including GO-GO. I disagree with your header as he has always been about the music of our folks with humility and reverence. Always. Idk where the privilege was presented especially since he publicly and privately gave Tony Thompson his fl Read more

“I truly apologize if my words came off as words.
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