wpudvah: GTI, Super Beetle, and now J80 LX450
Jul 23

oh totally - I didn’t meant do discredit OP’s hustle and effort, and I very much appreciate the long-form posts and high quality photos. but I don’t think Oppo should be a popularity contest similar to one’s Facebook feed; re-share the post if you’re so proud of it! some people just miss it the first time around.

Jul 17

ya know, I got about 13 MPG on my last tank (thinking about getting a ScanTron aux gauge to get more exact figures). To be fair, I mostly just tool around town, so I’m not getting that cruising mileage.

Jul 16

I’ll be very interested to see what you go with - my LX 450's driver seat is shot, passenger seat is about 7/10; both have aftermarket (1997-era) seat heaters installed. Middle row and rear jumps literally look like they’ve never been used :)