wpudvah: now owns zero automatics
11:14 AM

*knocks on wood* it’s been flawless, other than not starting last week when it was -28. I bought it with 4200 miles (for less than half of MSRP lol) and have put just over 10,000 on in the 2.5 years without a single issue. Didn’t mention it above - it’s also the convertible version. Read more

12:14 PM

if you ever were to consider Minneapolis (which is > Detroit btw), I have some great connections in digital/creative recruiting I could certainly hook you up with!

9:39 AM

hey I definitely have driven this exact car! used to valet in STL during my college days. I remember driving it and looking up how few stick Cayennes there were in the states. drove nice! but $30k...?

11:31 AM

Noah Alexander is an awesome and INSANELY talented dude - I met with him 4 or 5 times during my senior year of college a few years back to discuss my capstone entrepreneurial project. Great to see him with his own show and now featured on JLG!