Are we sure there’s even a load there. For all I know those a cardboard “weights” so it makes sense there would be zero noticeable load. Read more

The 968 looks great and drives like a 6 cyl car. Plenty of power with a terrific transmission and very good handling. Interior is classic Porsche quality. The Achilles heal is the power top which has far too many motors which are not cheap and need frequent replacements.   Read more

Had a 1992 968 Coupe for a few years. The 3L motor is surprisingly torquey and the car gets out of its own way well enough. It was comfortable, tossable and usable with that hatchback. Read more

Always and forever.

Big Brother.

how nobody has seen this yet is beyond me.

A “killer soundtrack” is also a great way to lose awareness. Read more

That’s because everyone who wants to buy this is waiting for it to depreciate and get a cheap second hand one. Mystery solved. Read more

Young, cocky Air Force officer pulls up to an apartment building to pick up a blind date in his shiny new E-Type.

Lucky for you, Porsche made craploads of these. Finding one that doesn’t cost too much (initially) is still not much of a problem. Heck, you can still find semi-decent running 914s for not too much coin either. Just don’t be picky about colors, and remember that these were also available as automatics. I’ve spent a Read more

Don’t make spare racecars expensive, either, dagnabbit.
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Right! I have a soft spot for these and really want to get one. I’ve just been a little scared of their reliability, though I haven’t heard anything massively wrong with them. Read more

It’s even called Super.

You weren’t kidding about working on some interesting topics this week. Read more

“My God, what’s Bond doing?” Read more