It was a professional company providing the dive even if they used a game controller. Read more

Like hundreds of dating apps already try doing. I can promide that many of the shit app developers are already thinking of ways tu use this AI to rip more lonely people off as it’s really only about if they can get people’s money any way they can. They’re honestly vultures and don’t give a damn about single people. Read more

You are talking about this like the corporation personally decided to fire this woman and not some middleman just going by the letter of of this policy. They did make this horrible policy which it’s absolutely ridiculous they would have it except in cases of a medical condition. In this case though the result was too Read more

She is as much of a video game streamer as I am which is none. Read more

Nice. I saw that Tweet and it seemed like Hardees needs a better marketing team. Read more

I find it concerning that they’ll throw you in prison even if it’s factual. Read more

Epic Store with its lackluster features and client is making money? Read more

You had to have been breathing some amount as nobody can live 10 minutes without oxygen. Read more

It seems like if you’re a guy then being blond is almost a disqualification to being hired at Fox News. The higher ups probably don’t want to sexually assault one of those few guys accidentally when going after their real targets. Fox New is so much shit that it completely baffles me there are people viewing it who Read more

So Jonathan Frakes was the true inventor of fake news gotcha. Read more


I’d say probably not because Blurays are not DVDs. Read more

You should check what it looked like when the devs were first showing very early alpha footage now something like four or five years ago. Read more

I wonder how many people will get your reference. Read more

It seems suspiciously like the police are charging kids who might not have even sent the underage content to others. How do you get over a thousand charged with the media only shared hundreds? While hundreds could mean over nine-hundred, I do fear we are seeing unjust charges possibly. Read more

Eventually somebody isn’t going to take this douchebag’s antics as well as they have up til now. Read more

The fact that these morons put it up for all of Youtube to see is an act of self-public shaming so how does it matter if the officials put something up too? Read more

He is referring to her role in the movie Aloha who was meant to be of Hawaiian and Asian heritage. Read more