Aug 5

except it pretty much is anti-consumerism since you’re paying the same price for a lesser experience if you don’t have a Sony console. Like maybe if they gave exclusive characters to every version of the game? Maybe people wouldn’t be upset. Read more

Aug 5

I don’t see any reason to view this through a console war lens.  All the players in this industry should be roundly excoriated for anti-consumer behavior like purchased exclusivity.  It amounts to a legal bribe to hamstring your competitors rather than competing with them by offering a better service.  

Aug 4

So.. a new adaptation of World War Z that does a little more than skim the source material? Read more

Aug 4

World War Z (the book obviously) did basically everything you are listing here. From the unproven meds that combat “African Rabies,” (it even sounds like China Virus ffs) to the Battle of Yonkers where public relations visuals, result in a massacre. It was published in 2006.

Aug 1

For the last freakintime: That thing you keep calling your PS4 is your microwave.

Jul 29

Can I just say how nice it is to read a presidential candidate’s cheat sheet that contains multisyllabic words, complete thoughts, a logical progression, and isn’t comprised of four-inch-high letters drawn with a fucking billboard-sized marker in what you know is a clenched fist with his tongue sticking out and beads Read more

Jul 25

I love cars and I enjoy driving, but sitting in traffic taking 40 minutes to get home from work isn’t driving.

Jul 24

Sorry but I disagree 1000%. Trump is the absolute worst president the country has had and the single biggest threat we’ve had since WW2. And I say this with a 98 year old Grandmother who very much compares the man to Hitler. She should know: Her husband and my Grandad had to go off to Europe to take care of that some Read more

Jul 24

This makes me so fucking angry. There is literally enough money to just give a house to almost every single homeless person in this country, but we won’t do that because then they won’t have “earned” it. Nobody should have to “earn” the right to just fucking live in a basic amount of comfort. I’m not saying they need Read more

Jul 17

You don’t think maybe there’s a problem with a term that has serious spiritual and cultural connotations for a historically oppressed people being used flippantly by white people to describe, for example, pizza? (I’ve seen people say “pizza is my spirit animal” in case you’re going to suggest that never happens.)

Jul 8

Should have left it, but added an audio clip of “Black Lives Matter” every time it’s used.

Mar 7 2016

Not an Allen fan myself, but there’s enough Rickman, Weaver, Rockwell and Shaloub in here to make up for whatever suck Allen brought to the film. Which, surprisingly, isn’t as much as you’d think. He’s passable in the presence of greatness. I guess they rubbed off on him? Read more