10:31 PM

Wait, so the new environmental regs are killing small cars for not meeting emissions standards (or potentially forcing more expensive modifications that will raise prices) but give a pass for the big gas guzzling SUVs and trucks? Read more

10:18 AM

It’s weird to see a Top Anime list without any mention of Demon Slayer, Vinland Saga, or Promised Neverland. Read more

5:40 PM

Only saw a handful of these. Fruba I did enjoy, but I honestly preferred how the original anime handled the whole Kyo’s transformation “arc.” Promised Neverland was great. Demon Slayer I’m watching on Toonami. It’s good and I’m enjoying it, but I’m a little surprised it’s caught on as The Greatest Anime Ever from what Read more

4:25 PM

wow, 4 of these 10 were entirely off my radar (vinland, maidens, carole, dororo), and 2 of the others got dropped mid-season (demon slayer and fruits basket). Read more

4:36 PM

Good on him. Israel has every right to exist but no right to be an apartheid state.

8:23 PM

To be fair, a few of us did vote for unfinished shows on our ballot (I know some folks voted Babylon and Immortal even those are still going). Read more

6:38 AM

I didn’t really think about it much, but you’re totally right that a lot of the best shows of 2017 were on Amazon Strike. Although I felt like there was some missed potential in Re:Creators, it was still one of the most interesting shows of the year and between it, Scum’s Wish, and Made in Abyss (my two favorite anime Read more

11:49 AM

Just started Control a few days ago, and I was really struck by how Jesse doesn’t have to run through the usual “Chosen One” rigmarole. There’s no burden-of-responsibility “I can’t do this!” before learning to accept the responsibility of the position, and her subordinates aren’t sneering and saying “Rawr this is Read more

10:14 AM

This is why I’ve been a Nintendo/Xbox guy this gen (sometimes PC for the indie games but they’re mostly going to Switch at the same time) ...that and I’ve just never really got into Sony’s own games. I did like Spider-Man though but not enough to keep a Ps4.

2:00 PM

I love this list because I’ve heard of so little on it, but much of it sounds excellent. So much of anime coverage on an annual basis revolves around 5-10 titles... Read more

1:33 AM

Nice! Control and Fallen Order are must plays when I get my new PC. I’m not one for flight sims or dogfighting, but I really want to try Ace Combat on PSVR. Read more

2:13 PM

Luke being a super cynical old man makes perfect sense to me, so much so that I seriously don’t understand those who are upset that Luke isn’t the idealist of the original trilogy. Yes, he was super idealistic...when he was young, but age and experience and seeing what happened with his nephew have chipped away at him Read more