Jan 7

Back in 2017 I took this photo at the Boston auto show...

Jan 7

Wow, this is heartbreaking news. András was such a wonderful, pleasant, polite, hardworking member of the team. He will be missed. 

Dec 31

That is the real beauty of new subscription services. I have played so many games this year I might have skipped even in a sale and then fallen in love with quite a few of them, like Plague’s Tale or Gris. Even the not outstanding but still pretty good ones like Blair Witch broadened my gaming diet in a way that made Read more

Dec 29

Not enough people take advantage of the Microsoft Rewards. They also tie this into GamePass with GamePass quests that award rewards points. I average 20k-30k points PER MONTH without even trying that much and its only like 35k points for 3 months of GamePass Ultimate so I never pay for it out of pocket and keep Read more

Dec 28

This movie had so much hope (hype?) coming into it. It just doesn’t deliver on most of those expectations, even the most minimal of ones. Read more

Dec 25

The whole shitshow around TLoU2 was just so...exhausting. I loved it, other people didn’t. That’s cool, thats life and everyone being different. But then I saw how people were acting and it just hit me differently in a way I can’t really recall happening any other time. It was like the purest, most toxic distillation Read more

Dec 23

I have read that Fiat’s involvement was a big reason the ND Miata happened AT ALL. There may be no NE. If there is, the price will certainly go up unless they find another partner.

Dec 23

Having actually owned one, you can’t be more wrong. The motor is shared with a ton of other Fiats\Dodges, everything else is Mazda other than the exterior body panels - and I doubt panel availability will be much different than for a Miata for a long time. Being slightly softer was a feature not a bug. Read more

Dec 23

Aesthetics mainly.   Plus everybody and their mother has a Miata, why not get a Miata that doesn't look like every other Miata out there?

Dec 22

Targas.... the world needs more targas. Even 4 door crossovers should have a targa option. Targa everything. This should not be a concept... it should absolutely be produced by the factory... this ups the appeal of the Supra immensely.... it lends cohession to it’s design not having continuity.... breakjng up the roof Read more

Dec 21

Their strategy includes making sure every title that ships on their consoles also comes to PC and to streaming. Ensuring that there is a version of every game that is built to run at lower resolutions on cheaper hardware helps them on the streaming side, so that they don’t have to spin up a full Series X and crank out Read more

Dec 13

I can understand where you are coming from, even if I disagree about some of the tracks. “Blue and Green” hits hard, because of the moment that it lands in the game, so it always brings out some nostalgia in me and really hits an emotional tone. “Arrival” was also a strong emotional song, though for determination and Read more

Dec 12

I had Assault on the Control Room basically memorized at one point except for one specific section that I always skipped once I learned the “Sprint out of the door and steal the Banshee before the Elite can take off” method of finishing the level.

Dec 12

Just for the feels: the final landing platform of Journey, when my game companion started to draw hearts in the snow.

Dec 12

I haven’t played some of the newer games on this list, but the Frozen Wilds DLC from Horizon Zero Dawn has what I feel like is some of the best snow in a video game. By extension, I guess the snow in Death Stranding is also very good? Same engine after all.
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Dec 12

I’ll always associate walking through heavy snow with the opening credits to Final Fantasy VI.