woodle + obama 4ever
9:49 AM

Beat her to the punch and get her a card! It’ll stave off a few awkward moments when they show up.

8:49 PM

Well shit. Hallmark is the only thing my mom watches this time of year. She probably saw this commercial a thousand times. Guess now she'll be bringing a "special friend" to Christmas dinner. Thanks a lot, Zola.

6:52 PM

I’d claim that this is terrible, and now I’ll never watch Hallmark Channel again, but I never watched in the first place.  How can I show my outrage correctly? If I start watching to then never watch again, wouldn’t I be giving them business, thus incentivizing their decision? And if I continue not watching, then how Read more

5:50 PM

This is consenting adults engaged in consensual acts. Regressives, please stop using your interpretation of your collection of ridiculous fairy tales written by iron-age barbarians as an excuse to control the lives of those who disagree with your nonsense. Read more

5:05 PM

At one point in the below teaser, she recalls weighing her reaction to Trump’s invasive behavior during their televised debates. “If I said, ‘Back up, you creep,’ would I sound angry?” Read more

4:42 PM

One thing it seems to me like a lot of people have forgotten is how close she came to beating Obama in ‘08. I say this because of how many people claim she’s like the least electable candidate ever and that any other Democrat would’ve beaten Trump.

3:38 PM

Waiting for the Baby Yoda Frappuccino. Green it will be. Pick you up it will. The force will be strong in it. 

1:50 AM

Maybe I am psychic, but I am thinking your boss is generally a shit boss, right? Because people who respond to employees concerns about their safety in that way are probably totally inept at all aspects of people management. I am sorry you are going through this. It is not OK. 

10:36 PM

Most men don’t understand the fear of walking down a street. Or how always we start thinking of ways to defend ourselves—if that random stranger comes my way I’ll kick him on the balls, or I’ll run that way. If I scream will people hear me? Should I pull the handles of cars and hope they have alarms. And then the Read more

10:02 PM

Rest in peace- and without assholes. I do beleive that this administration’s overwhelming stench of villainous bastards acting (pretty much, so far) without consequence has emboldened the worst of the human turds like this warped bastard.

2:45 PM

But if you’re taking time to pray for Ginsburg, I would suggest sparing a prayer for Stephen Breyer, a justice who skews liberal and is 81. Read more

6:13 PM

The existence of the Kardashian empire is complicated and, I think, increasingly irrelevant because time has already outpaced them, the culture has already slipped from them. Read more