Apr 20 2019

I mean, the schlub at the bottom used her truck for a Lowe’s run. He deserved to be fired.

Feb 5 2019

You’re not going to without a CDL, but the more it’s capable of towing, the better it tows less. 

Jan 18 2019

bullshit. not with the 7AT and AWD. Not on *that* car. Read more

Jan 17 2019

Reliability is fine. People who say otherwise have no or very limited experience with modern Fiats. The 1.4L multiair used in the 124 has been around for years. Read more

Jan 17 2019

I own a 124 Abarth and yes. People see the scorpion and are not sure what it is. Read more

Jan 14 2019

I think manuals have a benefit for very heavy duty towing. And it feels like you're driving a big rig. And that's half the point in a full size diesel truck, right? 

Nov 10 2018

I’m here because I love cars. I love E30s. I love weird Kei cars. I love old muscle cars. I go to car shows and lust over pristine Buick Grand Nationals. Read more

Oct 20 2018

I wouldn’t expect anything less from quite a number of people who own GT-Rs. Read more

May 12 2018

SUVs of course. The fact that they’re terrible gas-guzzling dangerous garbage, while it is the reason why I wouldn’t want to own one, is not my objection to somebody crazy enough to want a crappy car like that having one for himself.
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Feb 7 2018

Those accord drivers sure seem to like to use all of their power, though. I feel like at every light I get absolutely dusted by the various midsize four pot sedans and tiny econoboxes that line up next to me. So many drivers seem to view the gas pedal as an on/off switch, it’s crazy.

Feb 7 2018

So, Chevy just needs to pull the ultimate fuck you and put the LT1 in the ZR2 with a manual.

Oct 27 2017

I think people are confusing Modern with Timeless. Not Modern with Handsome. The E39 is completely timeless in the right trim. No one here is putting up a picture of a 68 Camaro. Current modern now has become = Garbage I think. For good reason. I do agree the E60 was before its time. And looks more the future should. Read more

Oct 24 2017

If you have the right of way, TAKE IT. Stop being “nice.”

Oct 16 2017

If he didn’t at one point blow a tire in the desert, have the chase covered by a local radio DJ, or finish the chase by going head-first into a bulldozer, than this shit wasn’t ANYTHING like Vanishing Point.

Oct 6 2017

With so many “I made this up” posts lately, I didn’t know what to expect.

Jun 11 2015

Yeah, I’m sure that was it.

Jun 11 2015

This was kind of my thought, too. Every unique combination of manual-transmission-plus-[insert-engine-here] requires a different approach to driving, because they’ve all got their own quirks and properties. I can’t drive my V6 Accord at all the same as I used to drive my Maximas or my turbo Talon, and a lot of it has Read more