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You need to add this to your frig.

You need to add this to your frig.

Dude... Breadvan-ish shape? My back pack and fly rod would rock that shooting brake all day long! Quit hating on wagons dude. When your life becomes complicated with all your shit...buy something that carries all your shit. Wagon! Read more

Yeah! I own a V70R in silver with an M66 manual! Just a few more years of appreciation and I’ll be close to getting my cost of ownership back! Read more

Nobody mentioned cheese grilled on the outside of the sandwich? I use parm, dry sharp chedder and lay it into the pan with the butter to toast on both outsides. Cheese on every side and in the middle = tasty goodness! Read more

So you’re telling me that hydrogen peroxide after sex is a thing now? Well, I guess it couldn’t hurt... unless you’ve been bitten on your penis! I suppose it would hurt less than losing your penis.  Read more

Some of the judges for the event pointed out flexable OLED’s as an option for her project.  Read more

When I pulled the blower motor and speed controls out of my old E30 I immediatedly wondered if Thomas Edison himself had designed it. Thank God I found a local shop to go through it and repair it to new, thus avoiding a costly replacement. Read more

Put them on a GT6... perfect.  Read more

I hate to point it out to David, but AMC are three dirty words in Kenosha WS. Largely seen as abandoning the city after the whole Renault experiment went horribly Renault. (Who could have predicted that?) At 6' 7"...man, no cars come to mind. Never been to an autocross and seen a crewcab truck, but never say never. At Read more

The taupe Americans who cried butt-hurt boo-hoos”...I will cite you when I use this phrase.  Read more

And tows what? A wheelbarrow? Please. I have a 3200 lb boat trailor package and I’m stuck at a 2011 Volvo V8. Just stop it with the stupid utility vehicles. I hate to say it, but my situation is going to make me buy an American truck. Probably a beater 1995, don’t care if Ford or Chevy.  Read more

Love Rosedale! Grew up with that stuff and I still go back when in town.  Read more

Glad you gave some mention to BB’s, while I love Arthurs... BB’s is my favorite place to have great Q and music. There’s really not one place for BBQ in KC, You have to try them all. And that’s from a Kansas City Kid.  Read more

“Testerical”...OH I am so stealing that word. Bravo...Bravo! Read more

Willie Mae’s is a close second to my favorite New Orleans fried chicken, and that would be Austin Leslie’s. I actually got invited to the kitchen when I asked his wife if the rumour that he could hear when the chicken done by the tone of the fryer. It’s true... you can hear done chicken. I loved Chez Helene. Read more

Read the article...was skeptical but decided to see if McDonalds would actually make an effort to serve something good. Two bites of the Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger and I threw it in the trash. Same old crap served by people that don’t give a crap. Drove down the street to my favorite mom & pop burger stand Sport Read more

Took a contract job with the USDA in 2007 and was rather looking forward to visiting small towns since when I was a kid they had great diners and restaurants that featured home cooking, great baked goods, etc. Two weeks into the assignment I realized that small town America has been transformed into a preprocessed food Read more

Given the fact that these motors are ticking time bombs... just hell no. Crack pipe! Read more

You should drop south through Wichita and do the southern route to Moab to avoid the weather. HW400 then pick HW54 to SE Colorado, thru Trinidad then on to Moab.  Read more

Banh Mi should be right up their alley given the format of the restaurant, but wouldn’t fit into buying habits of most of their customer base. They could just call it “Tasty Grilled Pork w/ Veggies” and make it a huge hit. Then branch out to other Banh Mi varieties. Personally, fish meatballs is a fav.  Read more