Apr 22 2018

I have read that people who undergo Rolfing report similar things; the body stores memories in physical tissues, and the memories can be released and relieved by body therapies. Read more

Feb 21 2018

Came here hoping for the Bob’s Burgers reference, was not disappointed.

May 15 2017

Thank you so much for posting this link—that information should really be included in any article on this really evil perpetrator. I also think this link should be included in the Jezebel post, or at least more of the details. This guy is not even a wanna be martyr. He did try to ‘take her with him’, he calculated Read more

May 15 2017

I made the mistake of reading a few of the comments to the article posted on Yahoo. The first 20 or so almost exclusively expressed outrage and disgust—at the GoFundMe campaign. I hate people sometimes.

Jun 20 2016

I don’t think we should focus on Persky (or Turner, for that matter) to the exclusion of everything else, but in the same way Persky’s sentence sent a strong message to rapists everywhere (“Don’t worry, white boys, even if you are caught in the act of raping an unconscious person by multiple witness, the justice Read more

Apr 3 2016

I love this story so much, and thank you for bringing it to my attention, but this: Read more

Mar 27 2016

I dunno what happened to Jezebel since I got re-grayed, but it seems that right-wing apologetics have taken over and a $350,000-per-chair fundraiser—even unholy by Republican standards—is now just “how the sausage gets made”. Read more

Mar 24 2016

And I don’t know about where you live, but in my state the gubmint is constantly talking about how there’s a shortage of teachers. Um, no. No there isn’t. You just underpay them and treat them like shit so they’re leaving the profession in droves.

Mar 15 2016

“In response to ‘I was raped,” only Cortana referred users to a sexual assault hotline, according to the study. Siri, Google Now, and S Voice responded along the lines of ‘I don’t know what you mean’ or ‘I don’t understand’ and offered to do a Web search.
Read more

Jan 5 2016

I can’t think about Steely Dan without remembering Clementine from Reno 911, and her tattoo that used to read “Steed” that she had edited to read “Steely Dan”. When she was briefly fired from the sheriff’s department, she became a groupie. They are very talented and I like a lot of their music, but I never felt real Read more

Dec 29 2015

Explain how fancy skin suction fixes infections in the respiratory system. Be warned, though. If you use the word “toxins” I will use my voodoo graveyard dust and curse you so all off your eyelashes fall out and never grow back.