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Mar 3

Yeah, was gonna say that Basterds would have skewed production output for German car makers. So they sped up in this world.

Jan 10 2020

The people who designed this were probably all software engineers who never pay attention to that stuff. They probably designed it like that because accelerating = moving forward, so a forward motion should initiate that action; the opposite is true for braking. Basically, they designed it like a video game. On Gran Read more

Jan 10 2020

Its like damn near every modern car I've been in having the upshift/downshift backwards except for Mazdas, bugs the shit out of me in my wife's Kia.

Jan 10 2020

Well the first thing that irritated me, and does with pretty much EVERY design concept is fucking HUGE WHEELS with NO RUBBER. Read more

Jan 9 2020

This car was probably designed entirely by college students who have never actually driven a car because they’ve biked or ridden the train their entire lives.  I don’t know how else to explain how they managed to cram so many bad ideas into a single concept.

Oct 8 2019

The difference is that Jalopnik has long had a history of ripping on street racing in the drag racing sense. Racing across country? They put a small disclaimer about mixed feelings, then hire the guy that did it to write articles.

Oct 8 2019

This is the CYA clause, to direct you away from correctly judging the staff to be hypocritical click chasers.

Oct 8 2019

I think the problem is that NOBODY on this website has mixed feelings about the kind of street racing that takes place in the city. And now to have mixed feelings about another kind of illegal street racing.. it seems hypocritical.

May 3 2019

Those salary multiples by age are widely misunderstood. The Twitter outrage over “you should have 2x salary saved at age 35" was somewhat misdirected; yes, it’s difficult as fuck to get started, but no, you aren’t at risk of never retiring and a total failure if you don’t have that. Read more

Apr 19 2018

I’m a bit disappointed that there isn’t an enormous fan in the back of the car, rather than the huge rear wing.

Mar 16 2017

200 years from now, it might look something like this:

Mar 1 2017

I drive past a Lambo dealership every day and a. I have never stopped to look even once and b. when I see them in traffic (which is daily) I’m not interested in the slightest. They all carry more than a whiff of flat brim hats and tribal tats. And the colors are all hideous. I’m all for bright, but the shades they Read more

Feb 21 2017

I am not above temptation. I too sometimes think of throwing it all away for Volkswagen Corrado ownership.

Jan 4 2017

They have broken the first rule: Make it gorgeous. Now, we can argue the merits of the Model X but few people would argue the Model S isn’t a serious looker. Years later and it still stands out on the road for its sexiness. Faraday has spent a lot of money mashing a Lexus SUV with an BMW i3 to make something that is Read more

Dec 8 2016

Isn’t that a pretty car? This was roughly the same time that Mazda also produced the NA Miata and the FD RX-7. There’s not a mass-produced car in the world today as nice-looking as those three. In fact, these days Toyota and especially Honda seem to be on a kick of making their line-up as ugly as possible, I guess Read more

Nov 7 2016

I JUST noticed the emblem on it a few days ago when i walked past one... its very interesting.... not sure i like it, but definitly interesting....