Kotaku lost its soul piecemeal with the departures of Stephen Totilo, Jason Schreier, Kirk Hamilton, Ash Parish, Tim Rogers, Bryan Ashcraft and the late, great Mike Fahey. This site is such a shell of its former greatness that it’s depressing to read. I think only muscle memory keeps me coming back at this point. Read more

Seems like when it comes to this game, nobody’s taking the “stop preordering games” advice (myself included). It makes me hopeful that I’m not a dying breed and that this game will see widespread success - the last game I was this hyped about was Cyberpunk 2077, which, to be fair, had its fair share of flaws - but Read more

Me too. I love BGS, can't wait to enjoy Starfield, jank, bugs, and underpromises included. I am so glad I never lost sight of why I play in the first place: fun. Read more

Everyone’s got such a hate boner for BGS lately. I can’t be the only one that loves their unique brand of gameplay experience left, but you’d never know from reading these comments. I read into this as you’re going to enjoy the game no matter how you approach it. He said he got sucked into the main story and played it Read more

That is, unless we start to utilize AI-produced assets, but as we’ve seen over the last year, the outrage is strong in opposition of this option, deserved or not. AI assistance could drop the threshold and time commitment for high-quality game production by a significant margin. Read more

Counterpoint - do what you want, fuck the haters. Read more

I'm not buying if there's no cake Read more

I'm interested in giving this one a try. You can sign up on their website to be notified when the NA beta opens up. Read more

I just want FFT2. That is all. I have WotL on Android, emulator, PSP and FFT on the original disc playable on my PS2. I just wish they would do something with the franchise. I'd pay $200 right now for a sequel. Read more

It sucks because it's true. But also because Genshin is a fun game in its own right and it's easy to get sucked into playing right into the gacha's claws. Read more

Here I've been using Ascend to get on top of them and lay into them with a sword. Nice tip, this. Read more

I think I cast Flame, Cleanse Me more than anything. Read more

Those gargoyles ruined my afternoon when I found them. I think I died to Malenia more, but the gargoyle duo definitely made me rage harder. Read more

I could repeat the old “human art has always synthesized external data in its creation; AI just does it faster” argument, but we both know there are problematic elements with that analysis. However, using existing art to interpret human brain waves into visual format? That’s cool. I want to be able to record my dreams Read more

For a website that’s supposed to embrace nerd shit, Kotaku has really become a technophobic place. Whether ragging on NFTs or the apocalyphilia surrounding anything AI, there’s never a reasoned debate about how these emergent technologies could correct their shortcomings and become less dystopian. It feels a little Read more

Can you remap the Circle/B button to dodge without changing the confirm/cancel button? This was my biggest peeve with Nioh and Nioh 2. Love them both, but nearly 15 years of Soulslike games have conditioned me to press the East face button to dodge, not the South one. Read more

Idiots and their money are soon parted. Read more

I, too, enjoy posting inflammatory remarks on the internet. Especially on topics relating to things I dislike that most other, more rational individuals might ignore entirely. Read more

I’m at the point of fatigue and kinda looking forward to watching it all burn tbh Read more