Jun 17 2019

Yeah, the UK uses the PEACE technique (Preparation and Planning, Engage and Explain, Account, Closure and Evaluate) - which is explicitly designed to create more of a dialogue. Read more

Jun 17 2019

I saw this back in 2011 and I think you can still see it through the PBS website and it’s a terrifying look at how they can not only get innocent people to confess to anything but also to implicate others. Then have law officers unwilling to admit to their mistakes and keep doubling down. Read more

Jun 3 2019

Ease up with the straw man, there. Nobody here is saying “‘science’ should only be done by ‘real scientists.’” Read more

May 16 2019

Agreed. His approach appears to be a case of pure adoration of a people and food, and thus an education of their way of life. He’s legit. Speaks the language, learned from “aunties” and carries on traditions. 

Sep 25 2018

So wait, if I eat a vegan pastor does his actual denomination matter in terms of that being a vegan meal?