Brian White
4:19 PM

Glad you like it! I haven’t made a gunpla model in almost 2 years, but I still have every one I made back then. Remember to use sharp pliers and wet your stickers before applying them!

1:14 PM

PocoGRANDES got me some very cool stuff! Although it’s not destiny 2, a game he and I could bond over for three days, it’s fantastic nonetheless XD. We have a collection of X-Men comics starting from Giant size X-Men #1 and going until right before the start of the Phoenix saga. Some sweet stickers, my daughter

1:00 PM

Z commissioned this awesome artwork of my homeboy Aggron! I’ll be hanging it on my wall ASAP.

12:29 PM

Heyo! Not sure who my Secret Santa was, I think Amazon left it off the gift receipt (pretty sure they did the same to me last year). But they got me a cool Star Wars 3D/holographic 7-color light up display - I don’t have any batteries to put in it at the moment, but it looks like it ought to be pretty awesome:

4:22 PM

I felt almost the exact same way about Skyrim VR. I got to experience again, for probably the 5th time, but this time it was different (I was different). Just goes to show how amazing and grand the game is. I’m still finding new quest lines, after 100s of hours in total.

11:17 AM

I bought Skyrim on the switch despite owning three previous versions, just so my (now) wife and I could play it at the same time, or if I was on the road.

I ended up getting diagnosed with testicular cancer just before Christmas, and while I was recovering from surgery, I played the hell out of it. It’s one thing to Read more

7:03 AM

Sometimes it takes a few attempts to like a game. I tried for a while to like Dragon’s Dogma, but it wasn’t until Capcom made the PC port where I could finally enjoy it. Read more

9:27 AM

The gifs and memes about Skyrim being on everything give me life though. There's an entire subreddit devoted towards them Read more

6:57 PM

Yeah, it would not survive well the rough and tumble of being a zipper pull, but I’m still pleased you like your gifts. Happy Holidays ^^

4:47 PM

I’m really glad you liked the gifts! And the pikachu thing is a cross stitched ornament. And I didn’t include batteries because I was worried they’d leak, but the bank does make the coin ping noise

8:11 AM

One of these days I hope we can get a ZOE3. The ZOE series being one of my top 5 game series.

5:39 PM

Are you sure you’re not writing about ZotE2 as that game was brilliant, ZotE1 was just a good game with a lot of potential. Shame about the PS3 port though...