MOAR Champers, Darling?
Jan 20 2015

OK. Too much botox, she was probably excited about her opportunity. The hair, looks like a bad wig but maybe she's

Dec 9 2014

J. Peterman is having an insane sale today only, 50% off orders over $100, free shipping.

Sep 1 2014

I am beside myself with curiosity. Kinja says "No, no, no. You cannot see what large thing MrsFinch promised to

Jul 15 2014

Thanks to Pop Culture Brain, I learned that Logo is airing "Don't Trust the B——" in a marathon this Saturday

Apr 21 2014
Oh, Lindsay...

I want to believe you, I really do. But you have so many strikes against you: you've demonstrated a complete

Mar 28 2014

This can be a good thing, but it still makes my bedtime rituals sad. I make my tea, climb into my cozy bed, fire up

Feb 24 2014
Why No WebMD Do This?

So, what I need to know is if this is a thing and if not, why not. I have a weird pain in my thumb that may or may