Dec 31

Sure, you could be, but was that actually the angle you were coming from?

Jun 3 2019

What exactly would you like us to call the electric thingy that makes the wheels turn?

May 29 2019

There are not a lot of fluids in the world that have as much heat capacity as plain old water. Putting ethylene glycol into the coolant means the coolant is less effective at moving heat to the radiator. We use it in street cars due to the significantly wider ranges of operating conditions that we drive versus what Read more

May 24 2019

Hire that guy on youtube with the minks.  Those minks mess up the rats good.

May 23 2019

Please don’t drive around your newborn baby in a 60 year old Corvair, unless you really have no other option. I feel like that should go without saying, but here we are.

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Apr 2 2019

I have a better way: don’t use that awful platform.

Feb 24 2019

Top hats were not in style when the Constitution was written. They were big in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Ike was the last President to wear one at his Inauguration.

Dec 20 2018

I remember my uncle making the same argument in 1996.

Dec 20 2018

I will build a bigger sidewall and make Honda pay for it. 

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Oct 17 2018

Now, up to now my plan went all right
‘Til we tried to put it all together one night
And that’s when we noticed that something was definitely wrong. Read more

Aug 13 2018

He’s trying to disarm everyone else? Like... what does that mean? He’s secretly still a white supremacist and he’s waiting on the right moment to pounce?

Aug 12 2018

No, it’s a complete thought, and it’s entirely correct. It’s the same basic interaction that’s helped Daryl Davis get 20 KKK members to hang up their robes and disavow their hatred. He’s indirectly responsible for 200 KKK members walking away from their racism. Read more