5/28/18 5:30PM

Government didn’t “create the problem”. The medallion system was a way to deal with actual problems caused by unlimited numbers of for hire cars driving around a small area with little to no quality control for the car or its driver.
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5/14/18 9:22AM

If anything he should be writing more, not less. He’s an incredible writer. If he were to start writing books I would sign up in perpetuity to buy them. (Sorry, I think he’s really undervalued on Jalopnik and was waiting for an opportunity to point it out).

4/16/18 2:50PM

I need there to be a re-release of this with commentary from Pally. Read more

3/26/18 1:58PM

Isn’t Tracy some sort of cooling system engineer ?

2/23/18 2:11PM

Stop all this nonsense and just get a stand up type Jet Ski if you want to have fun in a small boat on the water.

11/16/17 10:06AM

“it’s not exactly what I would call “rare.” It’s just that there aren’t many left anymore.”

2/02/17 7:58PM

Never did fit into Pilotis very well.....I like Pumas.......Schuey editions......won all my Auto X championships in Pumas! Don’t wear them as regular shoes....they are too narrow for my sense of balance.

2/02/17 3:56PM

That’s because Jalopnik now is different from old Jalopnik. I miss old Jalopnik.

2/02/17 3:24PM

I’ll just stick to my Heelys and strict avoidance of steep inclines then.

2/01/17 9:22AM

Calling Pete an engineer might be a stretch (I don’t believe he has the degree but I could be wrong), along with his brothers he ran a high end body shop in Dearborn. If I remember correctly that’s where he built a 2 seat Mustang convertible for his wife using a modified SL top stack with the help of his brother Read more

2/01/17 8:34AM

The McLaren part of this is kind of related to THAT McLaren. Bruce McLaren was behind this McLaren as well. Back when he was alive and was a major force in multiple forms of racing, McLaren opened up a US shop to manage his North American race interests - Indy Car and CanAm. The American shop was sold off by the main Read more

1/30/17 5:41PM

C’mon Torch, if he got out of the seat and looked down even once when he was checking the car out, he would see the seat shield deflecting. They replaced it twice for free. I know full well you’d be writing an article about it if Hyundai refused to sell him a car because he didn’t hit the percentiles, so are car Read more