Feb 8

Yeah, Oshkosh owns Motor T’s ass. My battalion had three JLTVs get deadlined for mechanical failures at 29 Palms, and then another eleven get deadlined for a safety recall, leaving us in the middle of an exercise with 60% of our normal complement of JLTVs and having to fly a team of three Oshkosh mechanics out and Read more

Aug 15 2019

The ITU cited a rule that penalizes athletes who cook up a “contrived tie situation,” Read more

Jun 24 2019

Man, these guys really won’t defend anything.

Apr 10 2019

Don’t worry, I am sure they will have something special to announce when they finally show their plans to celebrate Trek’s 50th anniversary.

Feb 17 2019

I don’t hold out too much hope for these guys; they did just miss their exit 500 times in a row, after all.

Feb 17 2019

And this is why you should maintain at least one car length for each 10 miles per hour or follow at least 2 seconds behind. And don’t camp out in the passing lane. Read more

Jan 10 2019

I’ve wasted more time... for less hits.

Oct 10 2018

I think what you and Chris are doing here is pretty cheap and lazy. They clearly acknowledge that analytics work in baseball, and even go so far to explain that they work over a large sample size; but there is a point to be made that in small sample sizes, these same strategies aren’t necessarily the best. Read more

Oct 10 2018

I think we can make a distinction between using analytics as a tool in the aresenal and using analytics as the only tool in the arsenal. For the Yankees, it was analytics only, which is why there was the over reliance on the home run ball. The Red Sox and Astros do not solely rely on them. The Dodgers, who are still Read more

Sep 26 2018

This sounds like the classic finger-pointing exercise you’d expect from a company with an software development (or any IT function) mentality. Read more

Aug 16 2018

JESUS TAPDANCING CHRIST WE SIGNED RGIII. We won’t sign Kaep because we’re afraid it’ll cause a media circus but we sign a fucking quarterback that hasn’t played in two seasons.

Aug 9 2018

Whose this “Ward” fellow you speak of? I only remember... Read more

Aug 3 2018

I consciously attempt to not be negative about current or recent io9 staff on Observation Deck, so I will not be negative about the most recent editor. I’m glad that he took the buyout so that other io9 staff did not have to be fired.
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Aug 3 2018

I’m looking forward to the new editor. I don’t dislike Rob or his writing, but he only seems interested in supporting things that he himself is interested in. So we have a lot of comics, toys, Doctor Who, and 80's nostalgia. Those things are fine, but there is more in the SF world than that.
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Jun 25 2018

England (gravely): You are attempting to manufacture a victory where none exists.

Jun 12 2018

I think it’s less “look how magnanimous I am” and more an acknowledgment that even the darkest posts on Deadspin often get flippant comments.

Jun 5 2018

Emmitt Smith: So that’s why they call it an “oldbitchuary.”