8:03 PM

The more I hear about Virginia, the less I ever want to spend a single second in that state. With all due respect, what the hell were you thinking driving even a single MPH over the limit there?

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3:25 PM

I’m totally going to get the $20 version. $400 is a big much for the larger one.

3:17 PM

They’re high performance tires, so softer compound, on a vehicle that spends much of its time at high speeds carrying customers and their luggage, so even more friction. Add to that that a blown tire or an accident costs a lot more for a business like this than new tires every 15-30k miles. Also, the more you drive Read more

2:29 PM

Wow! No oil changes, trans fluid flushes, coolant flushes, lubrications, or any standard maintenance! It’s too good to be true! ...probably because it is and either you’re lying, your dad is lying, or this truck is the holy grail of ICE vehicles.

2:22 PM

How dumb and myopic do you have to be to say “I don’t want it to happen to anyone I care about” and not care that everyone you’re wishing this illness upon has people who care about them? Go fuck yourself boss.

2:21 PM

The first like 200,000 were super low cost,” he said, but things went up dramatically from there. Read more

1:24 PM

The problem with being loaned a car isn't really the good will it generates in the reviewer... It's the fact that they know EXACTLY which car you're going to get, and can therefor go over it with a fine tooth comb to make sure everything is more right and tight than it may have been otherwise.  

9:26 AM

Everything you just said Is why folks are scared of these cars and they’ve gotten a bad name. I literally did my cousin’s , Rear engine seal, clutch slave cylinder, and timing chain tensioners on his Acura TSX (K24 engine) two days ago. If you think an E39 V8 job is bad (which required removal of NOTHING but the Read more

8:28 AM

As a twice owner of E39s, I agree. For 21K, you can find a decent E39 M5 with some mileage. The old BMW market is crazy, especially with ///M cars / special models. I realize that this car has a stupendous amount of low miles for an E39, but I’d say this example should be closer to 15K. Heck, I sold my 2002 540i (6MT) Read more

8:21 AM

I recently sold my 2002 BMW 540i Sport (Not M-Sport) and boy was it a gateway drug. Eventually I bought my 2002 M5, which I still own, and have since sold my 540i after almost 300K on it. These are very reliable and extremely fun to drive on a regular basis and even backroads. The E39 masks it’s weight well and Read more

10:06 PM

It even has brown wheels. This is pretty much a manual transmission away from Jalop perfection. I’m surprised it doesn’t come with a manual at least in Europe, but maybe I shouldn’t be.