Feb 9

I lost my mind at seeing Beavis reflected in the mirror instead of Link at the start

Feb 7

Not defending nintendo at all, but sometimes us devs do not know ALL the games and ALL the assets from the company we work at.
Like, we should, yeah. It is hard retaining SO MUCH INFORMATION.
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Feb 4

Exactly. This is what “focus group approved white woman soldier” looks like.
Dark, hair (looks serious)
Long Hair (not too butch)
Hair in Long braid/ponytail (Gotta keep it tight, this is war)
Pretty (No one wants an ugly hero)
Still wearing girly makeup (cause she’s a woman)
Dirty (It’s a war)
Tattoos (cause she’s badass)
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Jan 31

It’s funny how these ultra-upscaled HD remasters of games from my childhood don’t actually look improved, they just look the way they did in my head.

Jan 14

Not a lot of info to go off of here, but I’m in high hopes for this. All though I cant help feel that just finishing 1313 would not just be better all around. I know I’m not the only one who was devastated when 1313 was officially cancelled. A sequel to Bounty Hunter is all I want. Open world or not, just give us some Read more

Jan 12

Beastars was really well done. Ex-Arms was just atrocious. I watched ep 1 last night and wanted to like it, but the animation is completely off-putting. I don’t think I’ll continue. Especially since they mix 2d and 3d, which is incredibly distracting. 

Jan 12

Watch Beastars, it’s good and it looks good because it got made by the same studio that did Land of the Lustrous which was also a good looking CG-Anime.

Dec 7

Uh well, I don’t know about you, but the main reason I’ve been reading these sites for the last 13 years is because I actually DO like them, the people who write for them, the people in the comments, the subjects they tackle, etc. I don’t understand why you (and others) even come here when you hate it so much? Do you Read more

Dec 6

There actually is a modern day version of the Duke. It’s made by Hyperkin, it’s pretty much the old Duke exactly, with a few modern changes. The most important one is duplicating the white and black buttons functions so they’re on the shoulders of the controllers as well, to make them more similar to modern Read more

Nov 19

Good luck. Kotaku, like any of the leftover “Hogan smashed” Gawker sites, is a liberal, progressive cesspool. Always has been. They just like to remind people every now and then between game articles. Enjoy your stay.

Nov 19

Are you even old enough to know what happened in the 80s when Reagan was President? I lived them, it wasn’t so bad, however it wasn’t great either, but it was better than the Jimmy Carter days. Also as much as I dislike Activision/Blizzard I do not believe they went political about the game, unlike you in this Read more

Nov 13

Ya know, I look at it this way: There should be two kinds of motor racing. In one, every driver drives an identical factory car. The teams show up to the track and cars are chosen by lottery, then they have 24 hours to tune it how they like it. Then the race happens. Read more

Aug 26 2016

You and me both, pal. I can understand that a controller the size of a cereal box really only appeals to people with large hands, but I wish there were more options for us. There are a lot of standard controllers out there that become uncomfortable for me with prolonged use. I’m also a fan of the Wii U gamepad because

Aug 26 2016

I get why there is no love for The Duke but somebody who is 6'5 and has hands to match there has never been a controller more perfectly designed for me. That being said it was horribly designed for almost everyone else. I kinda wish Microsoft would release a Duke based Xbox One controller I’d pick it up for PC Gaming