Whip Ain't Got No Gas Tank But it Still Got Woodgrain
Jan 17

The excerpt from this book that was published in The Washington Post this morning is enough to make you want to beat the ever loving shit out of anyone, male or female, that you see or hear defending this crass, stupid, proudly ignorant buffoon. The fact that the man selected by white folks to lead this country is so Read more

Nov 27

This is a bad take. You’re misinterpreting this message as self-pity. You’re right in that we don’t need “unanimous effort,” but it’s silly in the extreme to not continue to reiterate the catastrophic consequences of climate change to politicians and leaders of countries (the people who, ya know, facilitate our Read more

Nov 27

The problem is, moving the needle a little bit isn’t enough anymore. Maybe if the needle had been moving consistently for 20 years, but instead you have far-right dingbats taking things over every few years and undercutting any gains in the name of profit. Read more

Nov 17

I’m gonna disagree with you here. This wasn’t a racing incident. It was purely Sebs fault. Just because you are in front doesn’t give you complete run of the track. If there is a guy next to you he has the right to his bit of track and he doesn’t need to change his line because you move over on him. Secondly It was Read more

Aug 7

He’s going to sing the national anthem at Yankee Stadium, then rescue Queen Elizabeth from an assassination attempt. Some random spectator will recognize him and exclaim “Hey! It’s Fernando Alonso!” before the crowd chants his name over and over...

Jul 20

The biggest tell of the Boomer generation is they lionized events and public figures of the past because they had no genuine accomplishments of their own to identify. It is all part of a grand national lie about who we are and what we’ve done, because they cannot face the truth that they made everything worse.
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Jun 25 2019

Happier, better handling, better acceleration, quieter, more fuel efficient, and the speakers sound better. This is scientifically true.

Jan 26 2019

One of the thoughts that I’ve hated more than anything over the last 300 million years it feels like Trump has been President, is the amount of credit he gets for being some next level supervillain genius who’s masterfully manipulating the press and his believers. Read more

Jan 11 2019

I mean a person who is utterly incapable of explaining how her solutions would actually work or be financed. Read more

Jan 11 2019

So . . . the people who voted in her district voted for her to represent them? Not sure what your point is. And by “complete idiot,” do you mean “articulate young progressive who promotes actual solutions to the working class, which she is a part of, who also scares the fuck out of ignorant, entitled white men because Read more

Nov 11 2018

I’m still a little stunned by people on social media who are still shocked by his callousness. “What would it take or him to show a little decency?!” He’s little more than an animal and his tweets are the equivalent of a dog licking its balls under the dining room table. Read more

Nov 4 2018

Everything about a super/hypercar is “because we could”; it’s a technology showcase. The Senna’s the track car, this is the tech car. And I’m guessing the reason is less drag; they’re making the whole rear body out of a single piece to reduce the drag from panel joins, so sticking a nice join at a likely Read more

Oct 22 2018

Hopefully, they’ll take him (back) to the place he loves. Take him all the way.

Oct 9 2018

Lotus makes and sells basically no cars. The most tiresome part of car fandom is that people have expectations that are unrooted in reality, while not actually buying the good new cars if they somehow actually make it to market.