May 31

Ah, yes, because if there’s one thing we’ve all learned over the last few weeks, it’s that the cops can be trusted to do the right thing.

Apr 9

Street racing implies you are racing against other people on the road, which clearly they were not.

Apr 9

I think the idea that it’s somehow worse to do this during the coronavirus is quite wrong—yes, a crash will pull resources away from the virus, but a crash during “normal” times could very well kill a family or other innocent roadgoers. Minimizing the risk of that kind of incident seems to at least balance the Read more

Apr 9

As for it being “super illegal” to run a Cannonball... Last time I checked, this was a car enthusiast blog Read more

Mar 5

Going to the other end of it, if you could somehow turn the last gear (you can’t, not enough force in the universe even if the machine didn’t explode first) so it was making one turn an hour, the tenth to last gear would be exceeding the speed of light before you even considered the other 90 gears!
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Feb 2

it’s not THAT dark, jeez. he sells weed to the local kids, that’s all

Dec 18

I read that whole quote. I’m pretty sure I lost 10 IQ points as a result. Read more

Dec 11

Trump’s campaign misusing a meme doesn’t so much concern me as Trumpo trying to pull literal Nazi shit with an executive order declaring Judaism to be a nationality. Not only is this continuing Trump’s anti-semitic “Jews = Israel” stance, but it’s also another step in justifying deporting Jews. Because if Jews are a Read more

Dec 8

Here’s what I don’t understand about the people on Amazon’s side here. Yes, their current plans will generate 1,500 jobs, which is less than the 25,000 jobs they talked about before. But in the last several years we’ve seen companies make lots of promises about jobs that they’ll create, or not move outside the Read more

Dec 7

That every previous jobs claim to get state or federal money I have seen has been overinflated and often includes temp jobs. The 25,000 jobs number likely included all the different construction jobs, cleaning crews and anyone involved in it for more than a minute while the new 1,500 jobs is likely the true permanent Read more

Dec 7

Jobs? I take it you’re not familiar with Amazon’s work conditions and their handling. It’s only a matter of time when the conditions people are enduring as workers is hand-waved away from the prospect of “bringing jobs”.
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Oct 21

Just a side note: The auto playing video ads are really annoying. As someone who works in advertising and has had experience with rich media ads I can tell you they don’t work and its a great way to turn off users.

Sep 9 2019

In the opposite roles...

Sep 9 2019

Jeff Goldblum / Aubrey Plaza

Sep 4 2019

Someone needs to share this with Kevin Sorbo

Aug 27 2019

I honest to God have no idea who you’re arguing with right now.

Aug 23 2019

This not a celebration of his death. It is a mourning that he will not be here to face the consequences of his existence.

Aug 23 2019

He was a horrible man and I’m glad he’s dead.