1:53 PM

“They opened up an investigation and suspended the season after a week? How could these simple country bumpkins, who only know football and how to till the land possibly make this kind of call so quickly? Surly, they don’t understand things like sexual assault. Why, they are most likely still startled by the daily Read more

9:28 AM

Of course leading up to this, Hader couldn’t get his slider over the plate, and then gave up the huge 2-out hit that led to the error. Kind of a Calvin Shiraldi/Bill Buckner situation. Not to mention Zimmerman getting completely sawed off and still finding space in shallow center. Fuckin’ A.

1:54 PM

“-Randy and Tammy, MAGA turds from the northern suburbs who have a pickup truck value that exceeds their home value and took money out of Braedyn and Kymlynn’s college fund to renew their season tickets but “aren’t sure” if they’re going to still support the NFL if players keep kneeling” Read more

10:01 AM

Yes, unlike the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, and Pro Tennis circuits, which are all proletarian exercises in egalitarianism, appealing first and foremost to the poor person in all of us sitting in the Poverty Suites at our publicly funded stadiums and arenas. Read more

9:57 AM

You’ve clearly never played golf on a municipal course. Far more blue-collar workers playing golf than rich people.