Apr 5 2018
Fan Art Sketch Pile

I’ve been busy! Still drawing, still plugging along. Allow me to show you some new stuff! All images drawn with Ipad

Jul 16 2017
Fan Art Sunday!

It’s been ages since I’ve shared my fan art and asked to see yours too! I’ve been using an Ipad Pro and Pencil since

May 1 2017
Fan Art Monday

Time to share your drawings and paintings! With every sketch we get better even though sometimes our eyes tell us

Dec 2 2016
Fan Art Friday

So what’s the Wenchette been doing art wise? , none of you ask. So happy you inquired! I’ve been making a ton of fan

Apr 27 2016
Fan Art Fun Day

It’s been ages since we had a call for ODeck fan art and its high time for a new installment! Please post your new

Jul 28 2015
Fan Art Tuesday!

I know we have talented people on the Observation Deck. And I know you draw fan art. I want to see it, so I’ll be

Jun 24 2015

The Archduke Maximilian Von FluffyPants greeted me when I got home from work and I felt so much better. So I thought I’d share some new pictures of the fuzz balls and share those good thoughts.