Jul 30

A team of Jaguar mechanics prepares to adjust the valves.

Jul 27

I think Urals are awesome, but I also think the best way to upgrade a Ural is to replace Ural components with non-Ural components...

Oct 20 2019

I only fly First or Business. Even with the lie flat and booze it can be hard to sleep on the flights. Read more

May 9 2019

any New Yorkers here able to explain to me the appeal of the locally “loved” homestyle potatoes...which seem to be basically sloppy mashed potatoes with a tiny bit of crispiness in places (if you ask them to).  I mean...they are most just a pile of oily mashed potatoes?

Jan 6 2019

I call bullshit on the intoxication, his regular accent sounds like a badly tuned shortwave radio.

Jan 6 2019

True story: went to a small high school in northern New England (like 60 kids per class). We had an English exchange student join us for his senior year, and he was, as you might imagine, instantly the best player on our soccer team. EVERY single game he’d get a yellow card for swearing. One game he got double Read more