chocolate covered raisons d'être
Jan 20

I kinda don’t want to talk about all this much today. We all know Biden and Harris have a fuckton of work ahead of them and the fascists will obstruct everything while having nothing remotely constructive to contribute. That’s all coming. Enough right now to remember that trump (small T not a typo... let his name be Read more

Jan 19

He expects us to have the terrible memories. Sadly, he just playing the game that almost always pays off for him. It’s up to all of us to remember and make him pay.

Jan 17

Being both old and poor, my PCP is at a community health clinic (they are actually an amazing group of providers who do a lot with very limited resources). They sent out a mass text last week saying they are prepared to do vaccinations. Unfortunately, they have no vaccines and can’t get any answers from the state when Read more

Jan 17

Heaven forbid we start actually holding elected officials accountable. Why the next thing you know, someone might start looking at Lindsey Graham! Imagine the peril that would put the republic in! Read more

Jan 17

My feeling exactly. Trump is and always has been a hate-fueled carnival barker but he’s been so beyond the pale as far as even basic human behavior, many of us cannot even fathom it. He maaaaybe isn’t an actual psychopath but the only way I’ve been able to somewhat wrap my head around these past 4+ years is to think Read more

Jan 17

Good point. Look at the many galaxy brains already wasting oxygen in Congress. Vanks would fit right in plus she’s already used to old guys wanting to fuck her. It would be a step forward that at least she’s not the child of any of them.