I think that means one of the the twins is a girl?

I feel bad for everyone in that family under the age of 18 (and Tiffany a little). Every single other Trump is culpable in what is happening to Americans and can get bent.

Hell no. I bet everyday someone has to tell him he can’t go do the press conference himself. He would fucking love it.

4. 2 men, 2 women. Then he’ll start holding the press conferences himself.

Oh Spicer. If Trump ever does manage to do something good in this administration, I’ll send you a fruit basket.

No one was protesting for Hillary. We were protesting for ourselves and others who will be brutalized by the Trump administration.

If no one can see your selfie, were you even there?

$15-20 for an adult non iMax. I don’t mind waking up early, but a morning movie is not always feasible with kids. There is nap time and activities to contend with.

I’m more interested in who they’ll cast as Hillary.

You are absolutely wrong if you think everyone who works on a movie gets a hit of residuals. And I still have yet to see evidence that pirating cuts into those.

Can you name a show that was canceled due to excessive pirating? Game of Thrones was the most pirated show in the world last year on cable (the Flash was top on broadcast) and they don’t seem to be threatened.

No, they should learn from the music industry’s response to napster.

5 people + 2 parents. I live in NYC which might skew the numbers a bit.

People are creating fund raising campaigns to pay for low income girls to see hidden figures in theaters. Movies should not be only for the wealthy. Now if they released it for streaming at home...

Seeing movies is SO EXPENSIVE. I took my family to the movies last weekend and it cost almost $100 before popcorn. Outrageous.

That not adapting to the new way that people want to consume media means that people will resort to other means and will cut into their bottom line. For example, studios have been resistant to things like releasing movies for at home streaming at the same time as in theaters. Broadcast stations do not give price plans Read more

No, because I don’t think it makes enough of a dent in their bottom line, because it’s their own fault for not learning from napster, and because I hate them for their bullshit PR angle of acting like it takes money from camera men when really the only people it impacts once movies have been released are the studios, Read more

I actually assumed she had to be talking about some kind of euphemism for homeless people but no she meant actual grizzly bears.