So, you’re saying it’s a prime candidate for an LS1 swap? Read more

You have that perfectly backwards. The Zonda is the beautiful one, and the Huayra is kinda awkward and weird. Read more

I find it amusing that people are trying to hide behind “But it was Russia!” Let’s look at this... Read more

Singer 911

Some old Rolls Royce

this comment is slightly lacking in Pantera.

for that kind of scratch I would expect two windshield wipers

What kind of mileage does it get, because I'm a millenial and all I care about is mileage. Read more

Sign of the times. When car sells for about $16MM less than what it was supposed to, you know that an economic downturn is coming. Read more

"...extremely strong seller" Read more

Here's my issue with mods: The manufacturer poured decades worth of knowledge and millions of dollars worth of resources and infrastructure into a product that meets or exceeds their quality and performance demands. They extensively tested it in the real world to determine how their product would hold up, not just Read more