Aug 14

Published in 2002. It’s been collected in one of the recent Strange Tales HCs. (Not the old ‘60s series, but the one with the satirical Marvel stories by renowned alternative cartoonists.)

Jul 29

No, from earlier than that. Roddenberry’s first TV series as a producer, The Lieutenant for MGM in 1963, starred Gary Lockwood as US Marine Lieutenant William Tiberius Rice.

Sep 27 2019

After the death of Lois Lane, and seeing the world embrace the newer, more violent heroes like Magog, Superman entered a sort of mourning for how the world and his life used to be. So he changed the background color of his S-shield, and changed the color of his belt. This replaced the brightest colors of his outfit

Aug 7 2019

Oh I see. In that case, I suppose it should be Latabic rather than Latglish, right?

Jul 7 2019

This won’t answer your question, but it will acknowledge it:

Feb 21 2019

Did anyone else think that the twist was going to be that the Ba’ul were going to be revealed that they were actually Evolved Kelpians and the real reason why the Kelpians were taken into Space was it was part of their evolutionary process. The Great Balance was all just a myth to keep immature Kelpians docile so they Read more

Apr 3 2018

Sidebar: ALL fortune cookies in the States, are written by one of THREE women from three different companies in the US. Read more

Mar 6 2018

Sadly, the date never made it past the greeting after he was heard uttering, “wow, nice rack...”

Jan 11 2018

There is apparently a ‘vegan’ form of silk called peace silk made from the discarded chrysalis cases after the moths have emerged, but generally yup, silk = dead pupae. It also depends on whether you trust your supply chain.
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Jan 9 2018

Animal Man, Beast Boy, Damian Wayne, Zatanna, Wonder Woman, Superman. All vegetarian. But the probably already retconned Superman back to omnivore status.

Dec 14 2017

Well, in the comics he wasn’t actually dead. He was near death, but some kind of tech in the Fortress of Solitude kept him alive until he healed from his injuries. By the time he came out of his coma he had a full beard.