Mr. Wateva
Sep 30 2019

That isn’t in the same universe as the F-Type R/SVR.

Nov 14 2015

Quote from my ultra conservative father in law and the most intelligent thing I’ve seen on this wave of terrorism. Read more

Nov 3 2015

Can we even be sure that they are cars anymore? I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out tomorrow that the EA888 turbo 4 was actually just a series of hamster wheels powered by the cats and dogs you see in those Sarah McLachlan tragedies commercials.

Nov 2 2015

Excuse me while I start a convenience store construction company that caters to the US Government in Afghanistan.

Jun 14 2014

At this point it's become a tradition. Audi needs to field 4 cars, one as a sacrificial offering to the Ferrari gods at Le Mans.

Nov 1 2013

I appreciate the journalistic integrity. Many companies have policies however that as long as the gift is of reasonably small value, is truly a gift rather than veiled financial compensation, and that the gift is fully disclosed, and isn't accepted during a time of decision, that it can be deemed ok to keep.

As much Read more