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Becoming Ugly

In 2001, when I was about 14 years old, my male friends invented a game that went like this: one of them—and it was

Based on the highlights quoted, her book does sound very dish-y. Read more

all that song did was make me want to read naya’s book Read more

Sadly, he had no idea what to do when he reached third base
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When news of Curtis Hanson’s death broke last night, I opened Twitter and found just what I expected: movie fans

is this gonna be like a ben affleck thing where brad goes and lives in george clooney’s pool house for a few months because Read more

Goddamn Laura Wasser is career goals. Read more

I’ll proudly wear the Mean Girls Label if it’s because I am sick of your constant nonsense. Mean Girls forever. Read more

NO. Stop it. God, every single time you lose you’re cool and get your narrative pushed back on you resort to this “I’m pathetic, lonely and a loser” routine. Read more

I hate Tracy Anderson too. Her “method” is a load of horse shit based on pseudoscience. She thinks every woman should have “a teeny, tiny dancer’s body.” She also once said that women shouldn’t lift anything heavier than 5 lbs; MY 180 LB DEADLIFT SAYS DIFFERENTLY TRACY. #fucktracyanderson #noreally Read more

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. I hate myself. Read more

Just wanted to go on record and tell you all that In Her Shoes is one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time. Read more

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wasn’t there already a Browns emoji?

Nope, common misconception. The most common type of hand sanitizer doesn’t contain antimicrobials. It just dries out the germs with alcohol, which is not a thing they can develop resistance to. Read more