Oct 1 2018

Supposedly the only “street legal” H2R in the country. This thing was badass.

Oct 25 2017

Somebody wanna get me a photo pass next time so I don’t have to shoot through fences anymore?

Oct 17 2017

In case you guys were wondering what else is at that dealership with the Transformers Bugatti. I was there a week and a half ago. Behind it is a LaFerrari and an Enzo, and you can sorta make out the Trevita and a “regular” CCX behind that. Out of frame to the left is a 911R and parked out front was an orange 675LT.

Sep 18 2017

Forgot to save for a while and I got the eternally scrolling dots. Good thing I had most of it written in Word.

Sep 10 2017

Good luck to my fellow Floridians, especially those of you on the gulf coast. You’ve got a long day ahead of you.