Jun 4

The best way I heard Joker described is, “Of course you’re gonna think a swimming pool is deep if you’ve never been to the ocean.”

May 28

I don’t hate Eli Roth, but he’s never done anything that made me pay any real attention to him as a filmmaker. He’s not necessarily bad at what he does, but what he does generally aren’t the kinds of things I enjoy.

I love Cate Blanchett, because who doesn’t, and watching her ham it up and have a ton of fun in a role Read more

May 27

The correct analogy comes from “Friday”, as far as being thrown out of the outside: Read more

May 26

Also reminds me of someone who said that Trump embodies what a poor, stupid person thinks it is like to be rich.  Namely, living in crass luxury, eating all the fastfood you want, watching TV all day, and frequent vacations to Florida.  For a swath of people who have little conception of living a life enriched by Read more

May 26

Yep. The ideal of masculinity they subscribe to is not the strong silent provider/protector, but “do and say whatever you want, get money, get women, and call anyone who disagrees with you losers and haters”.

May 24

But it was actually cool that he didn’t mention Fern Gully, Dances with Wolves, or The Smurfs. He actually came up with a new source, which is valid.

May 23

You are truly an inspiration for sticking up for the artist by stealing their work! 

May 23

The removal of the “Ooh La La” cover actually makes the scene more inappropriate. In the edited scene, we still see Marty thumbing through a magazine with pictures of women, then he suddenly drops it and exclaims “Ohh la la!” Without the cover title giving Marty’s dialog context, it appears that he shouts this phrase Read more

May 21

You know you’ve really gotten to someone when they ink a “fuck you” onto their own body.

Ronan, game, set and match.

May 20

I don’t understand how Snyder has fans and that some people view him as some saint of movies who can do no wrong. Read more

May 6

This whole “media is bad and wrong for reporting on bad and wrong things” position is a nice high horse to sit on, but honestly? It’s also a pretty ignorant one.

May 5

It must have been a living hell for Neil to share quarantine with Amanda and a 4-year-old. One of them would be running up and down the halls screaming “LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!” all day long, and the other one is a 4-year-old.

May 5

Especially since NZ seems to be handling it pretty well while the UK’s pandemic response has been a bit of a dog’s breakfast. Read more

May 5

All I can think when I see photos of her is “she must smell pretty bad all the time.”