Apr 7

It’s not about being an “edgelord”. Arguing that something is great because a majority like it is nothing but a logical fallacy known as an appeal to popularity - stating that something is true because the majority believe it’s true. Read more

Sep 13 2019

I actually think a slower pace may be good at getting people like myself, who used to play the series but haven’t for years, back into it. Read more

Aug 30 2019

I’m about halfway through the game, and for a while it was tolerable (but only because I modded in the orchestral versions). But man, it is just inexplicable (and more accurately, lazy) for every town to have the same music, for every boss to use the same dumb song, and to have almost every dungeon have the same song Read more

Aug 30 2019

Kotaku Game Diaries have been a thing for a thing for a while now—a staffer has posted personal diary thoughts every day at noon since around 2016 at least. At this point, I should hope folks understand that these are personal reflections on games we are currently playing. And I have, once again, been trying to play Dr Read more

Aug 30 2019

I have to agree. The orchestral version is less viscerally irritating than the midi version but it's still extremely bombastic in the worst possible way and is almost physically tiring to deal with. Yet no music seems weird. I wonder if I could mod in an entire different soundtrack. 

Aug 30 2019

Friends, I have heard the orchestral music and still hate it. (I mention how much I hate Sugiyama’s compositions in this very piece.) Modding it in or nabbing the definitive edition prooobably ain’t gonna cut it.

Aug 19 2019

It’s the same as last week, when VAR disallowed a gorgeous Man City goal because it decided that Raheem Sterling’s shoulder was offside by a couple centimeters. Read more

Jun 10 2019

I don’t like KD, but come the fuck on. He’s in one of the most high stakes situations in his profession, coming off an injury, playing at a high level, and then feels something give in that same leg. I think he can be forgiven for not having a perfect reaction to it. 

Apr 29 2019

After the perfection that was last week’s episode, this one was a mixed bag at best. I wish so much that I felt differently, but as is often the case with tv and movies, it’s not something where you can just logic away that feeling. Read more