Nov 20

Chevy made Fathom Green back in the day. One of my favorite colors.

Nov 14

That is an excellent point, and I would not advocate doing it for every single purchase. 

Nov 14

This feels more like it belongs on the unethical lifehack list, especially leading up to holiday season when retail, shipping, and delivery systems are already overburdened. Read more

Nov 14

This is a pretty awful “lifehack” by any means and borderline classifies as an abuse of the return policy. You should consider the ability to try and return merchandise as a privilege - I’ve shopped in countries where the moment you step out of the store with an item, you lose the ability to return/exchange. That is pr Read more

Nov 14

Umm... that’s not why it’s a problem environmentally. Your linked article says roughly 20% of online orders are returned and that doing so increases the carbon footprint. Ordering multiples that you know you’re going to return guarantees that percentage goes up and absolutely increases the footprint. Read more

Oct 17 2019

For real those are the shoes you use in the shower in jail though

Oct 17 2019

Upon further review, it’s not the angle that makes it look bad. This car is just fugly from the rear. The straight-on look isn’t as bad as the 3/4 look, though.

Oct 16 2019

Amy Robach left NBC News (for ABC News) following her time on weekend Today.

Oct 16 2019

My guess is Amy Robach.  She went to GMA in 2012.  Fits the description.

Oct 15 2019

So the 4-series GranCoupe is a liftback.  This seems like a hugely missed opportunity to do the same for the 2-series.  I guess I get why the 6 and 8 series GC’s were trunk/sedans, but the low cost car would, I’d think, benefit from the hatch and it’s additional cargo volume.   I guess they want to force you into an Read more

Aug 14 2019

Insurance companies report to a service called iso. Insurance companies use it to set rates and rule out suspicious claim behavior. I’d bet Carfax just pays for an iso subscription too.

Aug 8 2019

You’re thinking of the 4 series Gran Coupe, which is still alive and well. The 3 Series GT somehow was an attempt at replacing the Touring and solidified the Touring’s demise in the US. Had it actually been good-looking, I would have been all over it.

Apr 22 2019

I was born to a non-practicing, Jewish family. East coast, liberal, thinks education is a good thing; you know the type. Read more

Feb 27 2019

I used to be such a good flier. No anxiety. I’d get on, fasten my seat belt and fall asleep. OUT. Like a light. Read more

Feb 25 2019

I recall a plumber telling me [as he snaked my drain] that realistically you shouldn’t put anything down the garbage disposal other than water and the small amount of crumbs off your plate. He put his kids through college snaking kitchen drains.