BLIP: Is your Friday Tuesday boring? Do you want to watch Walfisch die again, and again, and again make poor decisions with a virtual basketball? You’re in luck, because I plan on streaming Dying Light NBA2K16 later! I’m trying to get my career-mode player and my team, the Washington Wizards, into the playoffs, but I…

I have nothing better to do on a Monday evening, so let me entertain you guys with a livestream! Tonight, I’ll be playing Sniper Elite 3, so free anatomy lessons to be included! I’ll put another blip tonight for the channel and times, hope to see you guys there!

So TAY, I’m back at home from my Thanksgiving vacation. Let me entertain you by streaming some Bloodborne tonight, at 9:30pm EST. I’ll pop the link here in TAYclassic when it’s up. Feel free to drop by and chat, and if you have any questions on the game, I’ll try my best to answer.