wagon guy now drives a boostang
Nov 17 2016

What’s wrong with a manual on a highway? You row through the gears until you reach cruising speed, then you leave it right there for hours in 6th gear (or 5th, or 4th, whatever the case may be). How hard is that?

Nov 17 2016

When I’m not plowing my mustang into crowds of bystanders, I’m shifting the gears in it manually.

Oct 15 2016

I may be all wrong with my timelines and cannon, but wasnt it slave wookies that built DS-1?

Sep 26 2016

This one pegs the bullshit meter to the max. I used to live in Texas and had an Impala. Sitting in traffic in 105 degree heat with dew points near 90 degrees had zero effect on how hot the engine ran. Police cars have upgraded cooling systems to help them deal with being used harder than civilian cars. They’re Read more