Waffle Saadiq
Mar 5

They even warned people to find a new provider or face astronomical bills. 

Mar 3

Mitch was the main force behind them doing next to nothing in 2020. And Trump figured that his base was large enough to keep him in the White House, so he didn’t slap the taste out of Mitch’s mouth and tell him to run people 2k. Read more

Mar 1

So is Google going to lose interest and shut this down in a year like they did with Stadia and who knows how many services before that? Read more

Feb 28

I still want to know why the fuck it happened in the first place. I have a feeling Google paid them off not to say which is fucked up. And a month being locked out? He has to have been paid off to bypass that fact...

Feb 20

Our schools were in bad shape to begin with, and the pandemic didn’t make them any better.

I have been called all sorts of names and told to quit or find another profession because I know it’s not safe to be in a building with 1600 kids and 150 staff because we can’t meet the guidelines.

It’s been hard on all of us, but Read more

Feb 17

It’s not a happy answer, but I think it’s a fair one. Congress is asking him to forgive up to $50k because they can’t get their act together to do ANYTHING, and he’s saying he won’t do that much because it isn’t in the power of the President’s hands to do that. Read more

Feb 16

I was literally asking if that was what you thought needed to happen. You need a Snickers?

Feb 8

Time to download 17 years of my life from Google Takeout, and start looking at more reliable alternatives.

Feb 8

I love Harold’s, but it can be maddeningly inconsistent. Not just from store to store, but visit to visit. usually it’s great, but sometimes it’s just ordinary and that’s disappointing when it happens.

Feb 5

The headline is very misleading. They voted against an *instant* $15/hr minimum wage-because the plan is to bring it up to there over a few years, like almost every modern minimum wage increase. This is just outrage bait.

Feb 3

Welcome to Instagram Socialism, where actual policy coherence, plausibility, and critical thought take a backseat to coming up with the most performatively radical catchphrase that can be expressed in twenty words (and braincells) or less. Read more

Jan 24

The DOJ is trying to feel out the will of the American public. This information was “leaked” on purpose, and not as a warning. They want to see if we will push back.
Read more

Jan 17

This is also reportedly the reason that prosecutors are only talking about misdemeanors, which is what what these people have been charged with for the most part. Read more

Jan 16

I’ll add the organizers from Arizona to that list as well. That was not a definite either, and their efforts really paid off. I’d want Stacey’s insights on the entire Southeast to see where it’s possible to make some red states purple, the Arizona organizers insights on the entire Southwest, including Texas. Read more

Jan 16

Uuuh, sure, let’s pretend Kotaku is doing that out of camaraderie and not because they don’t have any actual investigative journalists on staff anymore because their parent company became radioactive to all their actual talent lmao.

If they didn’t leech out of Jason’s reporting every once in a while all the news you Read more

Jan 13

It reminds me of when I was a cop in the Air Force, charged with security of the base. We used to say, “Don’t confuse your rank with my authority.” Not to the faces of officers, of course. But, basically, you can be four star general and if you aren’t following the rules, I can do what I need to do. Read more