Now I want to watch that episode of The Golden Girls where Blanche and Rose are in a production of CATS.

I believe Spielberg (and Disney?) were going to do a 2-D animated CATS where the cats were less anthropomorphic. Also it was going to be set in London during the Blitz for... reasons?

Nope. At least one of them was a woman who threw her newborn in the trash. That one really stood out to me because Bevin’s entire campaign was just ads pointing out that Beshear is pro-choice.

Wade out into the ocean and say that. I dare you.

Did you harass one of the films stars to the point that they had to drop out of social media? On articles about the aforementioned harassment, did you comment things like, “Harassing someone on social media over a movie a bit much but...” and then proceed to write three paragraphs about why The Last Jedi tortured and Read more

To think there would be a day when Santa riding a Norelco, Polar Bears guzzling Coca Cola, and some poor boy turning into a snowman would seem normal. Now all the Holiday commercials are either weirdly sexual or like Black Mirror.

That said, I do wish Trieu kept the 7th K alive a little longer to fuck with them, and didn’t give into her urge to turn them to ash right away. I wanted her to shove it in their dumb faces that she, a woman of asian and white (see: race mixing, something white supremacists freak the fuck out about) was about to Read more

The initial charge stems from Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian president Voldemort Vatkin (seriously do you know or care what his real name is?)
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1) Kathleen Kennedy shouldn’t be making any kind of decisions. Nobody from Disney should be making decisions. Period. People working at Lucas films should be making all decisions in what direction the star wars universe should go.

Democrats are the real racists. If they really cared about all this then they’d invent time travel, go back to the 1920's, and kill Hitler.

One potential fear- I think Comedy central undersands that part of the appeal of Rick and Morty was the long wait. But I fear they’ve taken the worst tactic- forcing the team to make epsidoes at a breakneck pace when they’re presumably athe their creative height, then releasing them in five eipsode packages every few Read more

Dexter got a bigger boost than Netflix. When the writers’ strike happened in 2007, CBS used a heavily edited first season of Dexter as filler for CSI and its other crime shows.

HBO is promoting it as the season finale. Which is a pretty good indication that they and their parent company WarnerMedia don’t see this as the end. They just let Lindelof play in their toy box, they’re the one who owns this property.

Yeah, they likely won’t have a second season in 2020, but I doubt it will take them Read more

Changing demographics. Younger people tend to stream their shows, while older people are still using cable. It’s the later who these movies cater to.

People want a 4K transfer. Just like the unaltered VHS tapes from the 90's, that’s not up to modern snuff.

There’s very little continuity episode so you can pretty much watch episodes on their own. And while it’s gotten weirder on TBS, there were definitely meta jokes during the Fox run. In one episode a stage light falls breaking a characters leg and he spends the rest of the episode in a cast. There was another where a Read more

Also, admittedly I don’t know the deep lore, but aren’t male Twi’leks supposed to have turkey necks with little fleshy knots dangling off them?