vwpassat1978-Sold the Passat in 2012
Mar 24 2019

We are fortunate enough to live down the road from one of the founding fathers of this website. He came to one of the car club meetings and shared some of his LALD stickers with the boys last year.

Mar 13 2019

Bob Chandler’s old shop was about an hour away from us, Bigfoot #5 along with the tracked Ford Aerostar was parked out front. If you timed it out right with the monster truck gods there was an also a few Monster Trucks getting worked on or getting prepped to be shipped in the 3 garage bays. He has since moved his shop Read more

Jan 8 2019

Yes, now I see some “Dartness”/”Demoness” in the casting, I will correct my young Mopar enthusiast when he gets home from school. Thanks for pointing that out!