Apr 26

When Washington did this on a statewide level, Doordash simply added a “Washington State Fee” of $1 to every transaction. If they couldn’t fuck the restaurants, they just pointed their dicks at their own customers with a lecherous look in their eyes.

Jan 19

We can’t really prep anything easily. No running water and no countertops. Hard to wash anything we use. Plus, now we can support all the local restaurants with take out orders! Read more

Dec 17 2019

I’m replaying 2 right now, and while I haven’t gotten to that line Atton is sticking out as an incredibly sexist character. His was egregiously hitting on my exile from minute one.

Dec 17 2019

“If there’s a tragedy to Knights Of The Old Republic, it’s that the game’s never been topped, even by its successors. Knights Of The Old Republic II...” Read more

Nov 14 2019

Pete’s is the shit, the selection of food is incredible, especially ethnic foods. To not have to make a side trip to the corresponding small ethnic market is so nice, though I’m sure hitting the bottom line of some of those small businesses. Mariano’s has really gone down the shitter recently. Jewel was really Read more

Oct 22 2019

Damn it, I don’t care what anyone says — I’ve been head over heels in love with Episode IX since the first teaser and the title reveal (and, I guess, the announcement that it would be Abrams rather than the snide, soulless automaton who made those horrible Jurassic Park sequels). Read more

Oct 7 2019

Aw Man, bummed to see Barq’s MIA, really curious how that one would have stacked up. Been my preferred choice for forever.

Aug 16 2019

After getting inspired watching Dan Jones (PlayFrame, former host/creator of Extra Credits) play Hollow Knight, I decided it was time to dive back in and give it another try. Since it’s been awhile, I decided to start a fresh playthrough. So far, I’ve been surprised by how smoothly it’s gone—Hornet still took a lot of Read more

Aug 15 2019

I’ll bet you Szechuan Cuisine on Wentworth does it, even if it’s advertised in English as something else. I don’t have the Chinese menu in front of me, but I’ll bet you they have it.

Aug 12 2019

midwest US here; that’s a palmier. I’ve only ever seen them in Chinese restaurants, though.

Jul 19 2019

I wish fast/casual fast food places would treat iced tea with as much bravado as they do the coffees. If I could get an iced peppermint tea, I’d never be tempted by a soda, but what iced tea is available is usually stale and flavorless.

Apr 28 2019

In old school Chinese recipes, you will often see the “stir in only one direction” rule for combining ingredients. It often appears in recipes for making dumplings because it applies to mixing ingredients for the wrapper and mixing ingredients for the filling. Read more