Dec 17 2019

That’s the Palatov D2 in the picture. They collaborated with Cascadia Motion on their latest (and first EV) entry for the Pikes Peak hill climb. Palatov, which has been featured previously on Jalopnik, is a fascinating operation.

Dec 9 2019

Low profile, big wheels are the BIGGEST problem I have with resto-mods. Sometimes I am fully on board with the execution, but then 99.9% of the resto-mods I see just have AWFUL wheel/tire set-ups. Sidewalls that thin don’t work with the proportions of these cars.

Nov 28 2019

Exactly! FWD makes the car handle like a forklift when driving in reverse; really not much different than setting a RWD car into a slide with appropriate RPM diving into the apex.

Jul 3 2019

talking about EV, I wish there was at least a minor coverage about the new Yamaha EC-05, made to work with Gogoro swappable battery system, I know it’s still limited to Taiwan, but since 2015 Gogoro have been delivering such a great product and a good system that proved it could be done

Jun 24 2019

I stumbled upon this edit of the 2017 cars with the sounds of the old engines dubbed over. I don’t think it’s quite perfect(it’s also in 240p) but it gives you an idea of what things could(and really should) have been like.

Jun 14 2019

This one is a legitimate tough call. This isn’t a “body kit” here people. This is actually an AC037 and AC987, which is a near complete rebody. The only thing left stock is the doors and roof. (Though the doors could be replaced with dry carbon fiber.) Read more

Jun 6 2019

At least it reliably shows them now. I use FF and for the last 2-3 weeks, Kinja had refused to pull up the notifications when I clicked 90% of the time. I had to constantly refresh the page and click again to get them to show. The replies section would also revert to some older Kinja editor and look really clunky.

The Read more

May 11 2019

I can tell you that the core of the giant hasn’t changed one iota. They’re doing some nasty things to linux under the hood ATM that will lead to its eventual demise. Seems preposterous, how can Microsoft kill an open source project like Linux? They’re on the Linux Foundation board, giving it MONEY. “But isn’t it Read more

Apr 30 2018

Oh, right! I remember that one. Didn’t it have a single-seat, which could slide out to form a bench? You can kind of see the slats interlocking here.

Jan 7 2018

Always been a fan of the NT03, that and the TE37 look great on BMW’s. Especially with a bbk.