6:09 PM

The whole Obamagate thing is so telling. “Obamagate!” What does that mean? Literally nothing. The fucker legit just screamed “Look! A BLACK man!” and then ran off. And now all the conservative propaganda outlets are struggling to write material for what “Obamagate” is. And people are seriously believing it...I can’t. 

6:07 PM

I’m curious what’s gonna happen once this thing REALLY throttles rural areas. Like when it’s finally killing mass amounts of white people...will they suddenly try to fix it? Read more

6:02 PM

Oh wow I’m so sorry. But also WOW I have those “friends” too! I said this above but one of them posted an anti-Hillary meme today. Like...thousands of people are dying, PoC are being murdered in the streets, literal nazis are protesting with AK-47s and openly saying they’re going to kill progressive politicians (and Read more

5:55 PM

I’m losing it. I still have so many “edgy” so-called progressive bros (including women in that) who make sassy comments about Biden and the DNC. Today one of them passed a meme about Hilary Clinton from like 4 years ago. LIKE REALLY BITCH. IS THAT WHATS IMPORTANT NOW. Read more

7:04 PM

I wonder how the conservatives on the SC are going to argue to stop Trump’s taxes from being released. We all know how they’re going to rule. I’m interested to see how they’re gonna argue for something that is so clearly against the constitution. 

6:15 PM

So is that person mad they have to add spices to make food taste good...? None of those are ‘elevated spices’ they’re pretty basic. Minus whatever pomegranate thing they’re talking about. Read more

4:11 PM

Right! Just imaaaagine how they would have reacted if those gun-toting assholes in Michigan had been brown. Storm the capitol with assault rifles? Scream in cop’s faces? I’m still annoyed the cops did NOTHING to stop them. But also notice how they conveniently ignore their “blue lives matter” crap.

3:19 PM

I have noticed their tactics more too. Like Trump is openly pushing for the meat industry to stay open. And my aunt texted me the other day saying I needed to buy meat cause it was going to get hard to come by (no shit everything is). But it dawned on me...she watches a Sinclair-owned network. They probably had the Read more

3:03 PM

I agree! Why does everyone believe the Republicans? They’re proven liars and projectionists. I assume it’s their massive network of propaganda. 

2:46 PM

But remember we couldn’t have Warren because she uh...waffled on M4A (but would have ultimately provided a great plan) and disagreed about a private conversation with Saint Bernie. Edit: You know what else bothers me about that whole thing? People IMMEDIATELY claimed Warren was leaking that info to the press. They Read more

7:32 PM

Now watch all the middle class white boys fall over themselves to point out how this is “smart” so they don’t have to admit this guy is piece of shit like everyone has been telling them for a decade. 

10:45 PM

I think there’s a bunch of lawsuits against him right now. For various crimes he’s committed. Republicans still won’t impeach tho.